ABIA provides investors with the necessary support and facilitation services and intelligence on local facilities and industry sectors.

Top reasons to invest in Antigua & Barbuda


  • Well established rule of law
  • Attractive incentives packages
  • International business climate
  • Globally minded human capital
  • Well positioned for specialized knowledge services operations
  • Highly literate society
  • High level of personal safety
  • Multi-cultural and multi-lingual society
  • Antigua & Barbuda‚Äôs physical beauty
ABIA Programmes & Initiatives


  • Youth Business Programmes
  • Other Programmes & Initiatives



ABIA encourages enterprise creation and development, providing entrepreneurs with tools to build the foundation for sustainable foreign direct investment.


Why Antigua and Barbuda?

Building on our strengths such as natural beauty, mild weather, economic and political stability, a central Caribbean location, friendliness and a well-educated workforce, the Government of Antigua & Barbuda has identified Tourism and Financial Services as priority investment sectors, complemented by Health and Wellness, Business Support Services, Education and Logistics. ...more

News & Events
  • Window Closing on CAB-I on March 31
    February 9th 2014
  • ABIA offers support to applicants to Caribbean Export grant
    February 9th 2014



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